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Nicole Duhaney better known as Nikki Z is the creator of the syndicated radio countdown show Nikki Z Hot 20 Countdown. It is aired in several key markets in the US, the Caribbean, the UK and in Europe.

Her first foray into media came via Jamz 910, a hip hop station in Connecticut. She then ventured to NYC where she did field production work for BET’s “Turn Style”; audience coordination for Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn and also appeared in the infamous Rick James episode on The Dave Chappelle Show. Nikki Z eventually was hired at Power 104 to work as a board operator for the infamous Wendy Williams Radio show. With hard work and determination she worked her way from board operator and late night broadcaster to the 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM weekday shift. She also worked at Hot 93.7 FM in Hartford, Connecticut.

The Connecticut native later relocated to Jamaica and did a stint at the popular cable station HYPE TV before her ground breaking stint at ZIP 103 FM.

Currently, Nikki Z is keeping listeners on the edge of their radio dial in Jamaica, as the host of the weekday Rise and Blaze Morning Show on FAME FM. [via]

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I woke up this morning feeling so thankful and blessed to how my life has changed. The day I decided to FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE is the day I gained #MyPower . No matter what comes my way, as long as I focus on the positive, the bad, the negative passes and I become stronger with every passing fail, pain, betrayal, disappointment.

I woke up this morning thinking of my JA beauties that inspire me further everyday. @krystaltomlinson @iamkamilamcdonald @emprezzgolding if I could tell you ladies how I love you all. The fact you stand your ground and show our babies you can be smart, powerful, determined and still be soft, sexy and beautiful.

In this crazy ass world, true beauty is beyond refreshing and we need to acknowledge it more... I know I know past few weeks I've been a bit in my feels... but I'm not losing anyone I love again and forgetting to tell them YOU ARE SO PHUCKING SPECIAL!!! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 keep fighting that fight my super badass Shero's little girls worldwide need to see your journeys more than ever.

#WCW #JAEDITION #Queens ❤️
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#TBT #ThrowBackTuesday that one time when I was in the #Army got promoted to specialist and demanded to do the initiation like all the guys did.

Rules: walk don't run, get through entire line up of fellow soldiers as they pummel you into pain and bruises. (Note the one guy with a belt🤦🏽‍♀️)
I did it though... 💪🏾
😏 #SaudiArabia #Military #Ididthat #Specialist
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