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Isn't she loooooovellllly 🎵 Look at how stunning the DJControl Inpulse 500 White Edition is!

Cop yours, quantities are super limited:

Small in size but BIG in connectivity and DJ workflow features! All critical pro-DJ features are at hand with the PRIME GO!

Thank you to our Facebook Group member, Günter Hoffmann, for this awesome photo. Click to join our community today:

Now that Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ is 25 today, “Around the World” also turns 25 🌍

Forever a lyrical masterpiece

(🎥: Johnny Airbag/YouTube)

【2022/1/23 Beginnin' Rewind 開催延期のお知らせ】

今週末1月23日に予定しておりました「Beginnin' Rewind」は新型コロナウィルスの感染拡大状況を鑑みて開催を2月下旬以降に延期といたします。


"How do you pronounce 999999999?"

Today is Sunday and now we are officially less than a week away for the return of 99999999! Who's ready?! Comment below!!

We all know the famous rap air horn and samples of the likes that you can use during live performances. Let's play a game: describe your favourite go-to sample using only words 😅

Roland Launches New Livestreaming Hardware Suitable For DJs 🚀

Happy New Year - best wishes for the year to come 🎧☑ Make your DJ sets stand in 2022 with live remixing, on-the-fly acapella and instrumental on any song.
Get started with VirtualDJ 🥂🎧

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