While Disc Jock Pro has officially been in business in North Dakota since 2018, we’ve been DJ’ing since 2002. And during that time, we’ve developed a unique style that fills a specific niche in the DJ world:

We specialize in non-formal events.

A backyard BBQ, a House Party, or a community event is FAR different from a wedding, and we feel they require a different type of DJ. For example, when you DJ a wedding, the overall “event” must take precedent over everything else, with the DJ directing traffic – this is perfect for some DJ’s, but not us.

Instead, we put our focus on the party itself, subtly helping it develop into the event you had in mind all along. The result is a looser, more fun atmosphere, where “good times” are more important than a cake cutting.

However, we don’t want to sound like we’re a “bedroom DJ” either – we are a fully professional service. We’re just better at the non-formal events than most other DJ services, so that’s the market we serve. We have an extensive playlist, and can offer extras, such as club-style lighting and special effects. Hire us, and your next party or social event will be the best one you’ve ever experienced.

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